The Creative Arts Committee (CAC) works to enrich the academic and social experience of Eliot students by previewing, selecting and scheduling programs that complement curriculum and promote cultural understanding.
Volunteers assist on the day of the programs as hosts, greeting the performers and assisting with necessary preparations.

The Understanding our Differences Committee runs Eliot’s disability awareness program, which is intended to teach students about tolerance and respect for differences. During the month-long program, students participate in grade-specific workshops that are geared toward a specific challenge/disability, and they also interact with a guest speaker who talks with them about living with a physical or mental challenge.
Volunteers help to lead the grade-specific workshops using detailed and easy-to-follow scripts.

The Eliot Garden Committee takes care of the Eliot herb and vegetable garden throughout the year. The committee also works with teachers to develop and support garden-related curriculum.
Volunteers tend to the garden and run garden-related programming.

The Green Kids Committee helps the Eliot community be environmentally aware – at school, at home and globally. Each year, activities are based around a theme. The group’s motto is “small changes make a big difference.”
Volunteers take an active role in working on environmental projects that will help Eliot students understand how they can impact the world in which we live.

The METCO Family Friends Program supports our Eliot METCO students and families. On early release days local Eliot families take home a METCO friend for a play-date. At 2:45 they bring their METCO playmate back to Eliot for their bus-ride home. This allows kids from other towns the opportunity to play with their Needham friends on a school day!

The Yearbook Committee produces the annual Eliot Yearbook.
Volunteers help to make the yearbook a memorable keepsake for Eliot students by taking pictures in individual classes and around the school.